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Candelaria (2nd of February)
The tradition consist in burning fires during the nigh time in neighbourhoods like Alberti and La Soledad, for young people stay playing and jumping around.
Carnival (unfixed)
Masked people dated in downtown around Feria and Portada streets and La Constitución and España Squares.
Semana Santa (unfixed)
Eight saints have their processions in Palma del Río. The Semana Santa starts in Sunday (Domingo de Ramos) and ends in Sunday (Domingo de Resurrección). The Semana Santa is not only a folkloric and religious event but is quite interesting in visual and artistic issues. The saints are sculptured in coloured wooden and are quite real. The sculpture of Jesús Nazareno date from first XVII century.
Feria de Mayo (weekend nearless the 24th of May)
This is the first fair of the year. The origin of the fair is in the harvest eve. The casetas are the meeting point.
Feria de Agosto ( Nearless weekend to the 24th fo August)
This is a fair ratify by the Catholics Kings so its roots coming from since the XV century market fairs.
Romería de la Virgen de Belén (First Sunday of September)
The street vendor’s shout the day before the romería and the celebration to citizens and tourist.
The virgin is moving to the Asuncion’s Church in company of walking, by horse and by carriage pilgrims who suits typical clothes. This is a religious and folkloric event.
Velá de la Virgen (Second weekend of September)
Córdoba and Diputación avenues and Andalucía Square are the meeting point of the party people. The saint is walked in procession and the velá is closed with a traditional bull fire and light fire show.
Festival Teatro en el Sur (First fifteen days of July)
This festival is setting each year lake a showroom of scenic arts unique in Andalucía. Whole city is a scene where visitants, citizen and theatre people live together. In the different festival’s places premieres by quite important national and international companies are showed.
Semana Cultural Flamenca (Last week of February or first week of March)
Flamenco singers and guitar players have a meeting in their cultural week to enjoy the best of flamenco year.
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