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This region is not only interesting from the tourist, ecological and cultural point of view but also for its increasing economic development.
In the whole Region industrial Zones arise as the I. Z. El Garrotal and Mataché in Palma del Río. They possess all the facilities for economic activity. Companies like Pascual have already bet for developing in our city . Also in Palma del Río are the facilities and the private airport of the company FAASA Aviation as well as the Andalusian Center of Aeronautical Education.
Few kilometres from Palma del Río we find two nature reserves: The Nature Reserve Sierra Norte in the province of Sevilla and the Nature Reserve of Sierra de Hornachuelos in Córdoba.
Both are protected areas of high ecological value in which exist of trekking, horse ride, and by bicycle routes.
Palma del Río is also part and destiny of diverse rural routes to know nature, crafts and culture of this region as the route Andalusian Roman or the Almohade.
The Region of the Vega of the Guadalquivir passes close to the river for what it attracts the fans of the fishing whereas the hunters find in places as Hornachuelos's zone, very estimated by the rich major hunt, high quality hunting plots.

During the whole year interesting events are celebrated in the region. We have selected the most important of Palma but if you are going to visiting us do not hesitate to contact with the office of Tourism of Palma del Río or visit the weblinks that we provide you about Palma del Río, Córdoba, Sevilla and the Region of the Vega of the Guadalquivir.

Oficina Municipal de Turismo de Palma del Río
C/ Cardenal Portocarrerro
C.P. 14700
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